Collage using found materials, acrylic, aerosol and enamels on card. Soda Pop character available to buy.
Further examples available at £80 each. See the contact section.



One foot square canvas, acrylic and enamel.
Available to buy. Pm for email and paypal details. See contact page.

Love heart.

Digital print made from sketchbook scans 2006.
Print is sold out.

Amigo go Nylon and on.

I painted my first soda pops in about 1996 and have recently given them a more permanent home in my back catalogue of trade mark characters along with Lucky Boy and the hand.

Painting on found and recycled wood.2007.


This World War Two jerry can is one of three recycled pieces and is now in the collection of Power tattoo store. The other two cans will be available to buy in Spring 2008.

Aerosol and enamels on found object 2007.


Private collection:2007.

MCARTA graphic the bird

Mcarta graphic used for store cards and digital canvas prints. 2006.

Screenprint Apple Caramel and Blue

£45 – Available in the Nylon Store.

Last 6 still available.